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Eyelash Comb Curler Eyebrow Brush

by eprolo


Eyelash Comb Curler Eyebrow Brush features metal teeth and fits perfectly around the contours of your eye, gliding evenly through your lashes whenever. This unique and Innovation shaped eyelash comb creates the foremost natural finish to any mascara.

Metal Eyelash Comb is Ergonomically shaped, this design allows you to easily brush upwards, instead of twisting your hand to brush. Eyelash Brush is sleek and easy-to-hold, the handle provides ultimate comfort, easy storage, and travel.

Eyelash Comb also can be used for the lower lashes to get rid of excess mascara and reduce fall out under the attention. This comb is suitable to brush products through the eyelashes or to dry brush before or after curling the lashes.


  • Size: approx 2.6 x 13.6cm / 1.02 x 5.35 inch
  • Material: Steel
  • Color: Black

Package includes:

  • 1 x Eyelash Comb

    1Pc-Pro-Women-s-Eyelash-Comb-Lash-Separator-Lift-Curl-Metal-Brush-Beauty-Makeup-Tool (1)1Pc-Pro-Women-s-Eyelash-Comb-Lash-Separator-Lift-Curl-Metal-Brush-Beauty-Makeup-Tool (2)1Pc-Pro-Women-s-Eyelash-Comb-Lash-Separator-Lift-Curl-Metal-Brush-Beauty-Makeup-Tool (3)1Pc-Pro-Women-s-Eyelash-Comb-Lash-Separator-Lift-Curl-Metal-Brush-Beauty-Makeup-Tool (4)1Pc-Pro-Women-s-Eyelash-Comb-Lash-Separator-Lift-Curl-Metal-Brush-Beauty-Makeup-Tool (5)1Pc-Pro-Women-s-Eyelash-Comb-Lash-Separator-Lift-Curl-Metal-Brush-Beauty-Makeup-Tool