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Sugar Monitor Collect Blood Glucometer

by eprolo
Color: 50pcs Test strip

Yongrow GLM77

Blood Glucose Meter with Test Strips and Lancets Medical Blood Sugar Meter Glucometer Diabetes Tester with English Quick Guide

Features and functions

What is a good blood glucose meter

Auto decoding

Insert the test strip and turn on automatically ,automatically recognize and start measuring

1um micro blood collection

glucose oxidase test paper,eliminate interference,onlyneed 1um blood sample,you can measure the accurate blood glucose value

LED HD Display

Large screen,large fonts and clear vision, Easy access if you have poor esesight

Bidirectional siphon

The test paper adopts bilateral siphon blood collection design,which cam be measured by the left and rigte gands,which is convenient to use

8S Fast Measurement

Grape dehydrogenase is electrochemically far away.eliminating interference,accurate and fast

Light Button Battery

A button battery can be used for several months,carry it with you

Almost painless

Five gear adjustment,Medical blood collection pen, almost painless

One key to exit easily

Comes with an exit button to prevent blood from coming into contact with the hand again


1, Batteries are not included in package because of aviation restrictions. 2, Please use up the test strips within 3 months once you open the vial. 3.If you need to purchase additional test strips, please contact customer service to purchase


Blood glucose meter*1 Blood collection needle*1 Storage box*1 Packing box*1 Test paper *50 Needle *50 Test chip *1 Manual*1


1.Accurate measurement 2.Micro blood collection 3.180 sets of numerical records 4.Measure your blood sugar status at any time--Small, sleek shape, easy to store, and ready for measurement 5.High-definition LCD digital display--High-definition digital display, 180 sets of data records, time display, exceeding the standard reminder 6.Accurate Measurement Results--More electrodes, accurate measurement results, 2-way inductance siphon suction, left and right hands can be easy to operate 7.Micro blood collection--Close to painless blood collection, blood volume is as low as 1 μL 8.Convenient Detection--Give a test chip to understand the status of the blood glucose meter anytime, anywhere 9.Portable storage box--Protect the blood glucose meter, organize and store, easy to carry 10.Low power consumption for long time use


①Blood sample type: Fresh microvascular whole blood, medical personnel can detect venous blood ②Sample volume wants demand: 1μL ③Operating temperature: 10℃~40℃(50℉~104℉) ④Operating humidity: 20%~80% ⑤Applicable volume ratio range: 25%~65% ⑥Test Range: 1.1~33.3Mmol/L ⑦Test Time: 8s ⑧Memory capacity: 180 ⑨Test scenario settings: Can be marked before meal, after meal, the value of the test tube ⑩Power saving device:3 minutes no operation automatic shutdown Security Level:B Operation mode: Continuous operation Note:Do not drink alcohol


1, How to use GLM77 blood glucose meter? a, Clean: Use an alcohol swab to clean your fingers (except for iodine), and wait for the alcohol volatilize thoroughly, to prevent affecting the measured values. b, Blood sampling: Use lancing device to pierce your finger and let the test strip to collect blood sample. C, Get values: Insert the test strip into the meter and wait for 8s. 2, Normal range for type 2 diabetes (just for reference): Fasting blood glucose (FBG): 3.9-7.2mmol/L (70-110 mg/dL). Postprandial blood sugar (2 hours after a meal): 4.4-8.0mmol/L (70-140mg/dL). 3, Is the test value accurate? Occasionally a deviation of the blood sugar value is due to incorrect use, food effects, and mood changes. Suggestion is that to test blood glucose value for serval day continuously and regularly, then make a reference. 4, Can I reuse the lancet? No. Lancet is one-time used medical device, please don't reuse to prevent infection. In addition, the number of test strips and lancets is matched, so there's no need to reuse. 5, Whether low battery can affect the test values? No. In case of low battery, the meter will display battery icon and E-1, at that time, you should exchange the batteries.


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