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Mini Micro current Ion Beauty Stimulator

by eprolo

Mini Micro current Ion Beauty Stimulator Galvanic Handheld Spa Device with 3 Massage Heads LCD Face Lift Machine Skin Care





Bio micro current technology is use the electricity theory of the same polar ion reject, opposed polar ion attract. When apply active essence/lotion/cream with positive ion, use the MC SPA positive polar to penetrate the essence/lotion/cream into deep skin through sweat glands/ pores, cells inter-place. And use direct electricity enhance skin absorb, to beautify skin. The micro current adapted is low and safe to human body, when direct electricity come across something contains acid and salt liquor, chemical reaction happens. The same way, when direct electricity go through human body chemical reaction happens. MC SPA use micro current technology to penetrate essence/lotion/cream, and leading out impurity from deep skin.
1.Reactivate effete skin cells by delivering the bio micro currents to help to rejuvenate facial skin, help to tighten and lift skin, help to removal wrinkle, fine line.
2.Match funtional cosmetics with the MC/glavanic spa device to make cosmetic effectively, Penetrate cosmetic nutrition into skin, help skin to absorb cosmetic nutrition.
3.Balance skin PH level.
4.An elegant device binding topical heating, micro vibration and galvanic ionic therapy for both eyes and face skin care
5.To gain better effectiveness, you are proposed to apply some eyes/facial cream(not oily and not easy to dry easily)containing hyaluronic acid, yogurt, latic acid, sodium hyaluronate, citric acid, sodium citrate, etc.
Description of Micro current SPA device:
- Three levels of bio micro current/galvanic low level, middle level, high level, device will adjust micro current/galvanic level according to individual .
-Different optional heads for any parts of fore head, T part, chin, and body
-LCD display design.
-Treatment time setting design request.
-Portable, for salon, home, travelling use
Perfect for:
★ Reducing finelines, eye bags
★ Promote blood circulation
★ Better skin care soak up
★ Pore minimizing
★ Skin tightening
★ Slimming
★ Lifting
★ Anti aging, detoxing
Charging style: USB cable
Input Voltage: 3V
Input micro current: 25mA
Product size: L133mm*W:60mm*H25mm, base size: 150mm*16mm
Weight: 109g
Package including :
1 x Micro current SPA Device
3 x treatment heads
1 x Dcking
1 x USB cable
1 x User manual
How to use:
★ 1.Take out MC SPA devices and optional treatment heads from velvet bag, choose the one treatment head that you want, and sleeve joint on the MC SPA Long press 3 seconds ON/OFF button to switch on the MC SPA.
★ 2.Press MODE button into ion setting, the options will flash, press SELECT button before options stop flash to choose the ion you want , +ion, -ion can be chose. Press MODE button again into strength setting, the options will flash, press SELECT button before options stop flash to choose the strength you want, low, middle, high can be chose. Press MODE button again into time setting, press SELECT button before options stop flash to choose the treatment time you want, 1,2,3,4,5 mins can be choose. The above 3 steps setting finished 3 seconds later LCD back light will be off, and start the device, now can start your treatment.
★ 3.Before using the MC SPA to make the treatment, user need to apply lotion/essence onto the skin where need to make treatment. Hold the device by hand and touch the conductors at the two sides of the device, and move the treatment head on the skin by circle.
★ 4.During the treament 20 seconds will give a warming tone lsquobeeprsquo one time, user can know the device is on working. The device can detect micro current automatically, when micro current not on working the device will give a rapid warming tone, beep-beep,beep-beep, beep-beep 3 times to tell user the device is not on working, and off the device. When the device working and finish the setting time, device will givce a warming tone beep-----. Long press ON/OFF button to off the deivce.
★ 5.Optional treatment heads: MC SPA device offer 3 different design treatment heads, user can choose the treatment head according to their treatment usual prastic, and where the body and face part needs.
★ 6.Maitenance: Every time when user finish treatment, off MC SPA device, pull out the treatment head clean device and treatment heads and make they dry. Put into velvet bag and keep it.
Positive polar
Penetrate alkaline liquor into skin, acid reaction happens, clam nerve, reduce blood supply, strong skin fiber tissue, shrink pores, reduce inflammation.
Negative polar
Penetrate acid liquor into skin, alkaline reaction happens, stimulate nerve, increase blood supply, soft skin fiber tissue, stimulate dry skin blood circulation.
Suit for:
skin that grease excrete much, acne skin, chloasma, pigmentation, age pigment, black head, blood capillary over spread, pores visible, dry skin.
Why it was shut down while you are using it
1. The metal strips on both sides of the instrument should contact with the skin
2. Keep the skin moist, it is best to spray some water in the skin, the skin is so dry that instrument can not
sense, it will automatically turn off the machine
3. After setting up and then wait for the screen does not flash to start using, the process can not long-term
non-contact with the skin, In 8 seconds or so must contact the skin, otherwise it will automatically shut down
You can choose the product with box or with no box , if you buy this for yourself , you can choose product with no box , because it will be more cheaper , but do not worry , we will also pack it very carefully to prevent broken, if you buy this as gift or you are a seller and want to sell this product , we advise you choose product with original box.