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RETROMAX 181-in-1 Retro Games Console

by eprolo
Color: yellow
RETROMAX 181-in-1 Retro Games Console 8 Bit Mini Handheld Game Console 3 inch TFT Color Screen Retromax Game Console

Mini Handheld Game Console!If you want to play classic games , miss the past, please choose it! It can meet your requirements!
Note : this game console do not support AV output and add other games.

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181 games In 1

Built in 181 no repeat classic games , 8-Bit Classic Games, You can play with family and friends and relax during leisure time.

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Powering Saving

600mah Battery, can be used it more than 6 hours ! long battery life repeated use playing while charging .

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Upgraded version

1.The size is fine-tuned,more ergonomic and more comfortable. 2.Increase the L/R button on the back for a more comfortable operation. 3.181 featured games,more games,better quality,more gameplay. 4.Matte texture,more advanced,is an upgrade from the appearance and feel. 5.The improvement of the side lines make the game machine more comfortable and easier to play.

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Multiple Colors Available

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What is Included

Packing list: 1 x Game Console 1 x Charging Cable 1 x User Manual 1 x Lithium battery


Q:Does this game console support saving games?

A:No friend,This game console does not currently support saving games.

Q:Can I load the game via SD card?

A:No friends.It does not support the insertion of SD cards and downloads favorite games.

Q:Does it support AV output?

A:No friend ! it is not support .